Will Arduino kit will I need for these motors?

Hi all,

I’m thinking of purchasing an Arduino for a project I want to start, I want to be able to control several of these motors Ebay Link (or similar, they need to be small < 1" in length)

These are 1.5 - 3.7V

What does my Arduino shopping list need to be for minute control of these motors e.g. slow or fast in either direction.

I currently haven’t purchased any Arduino kit or boards so I’ll need a full list of kit if you can help me out as I’m a total newbie to electronics as my background is purely programing.


These are 1.5 - 3.7V

The voltage is less important than the current requirements. A 5V Arduino may damage those motors by running them at too high a voltage, or it may not make them move at all, if they draw more current than the Arduino can provide.

Without knowing how much current they need, and an ebay ad is useless for determining that, we can't tell you what you need, if anything, between the Arduino and the motor.

The current is stated as 20mA?

Spitefulgod: The current is stated as 20mA?

Unfortunately that's not helpful. It's probably the no-load current, possibly without the gearbox. The actual current depends on the load on the motors. I've run 6mm motors like that which have taken 3-400mA, though that was usually driving propellers rather whatever you're driving. Unless you're running them with no load,which seems unlikely, I'd allow at least 100mA per motor and be prepared for more.

BTW how many is "several"?


slipstick: BTW how many is "several"?


4 / 5

Spitefulgod: 4 / 5

How can you have 0.8 motors?

No, wait. That's integer math. Powering 0 motors will be easy.

As an absolute beginner , I would always say buy a genuine UNO , play with it , get some experience, then look at controlling motors.

The number of motors you want to control might be an issue - how many and what is the project ?

hammy: The number of motors you want to control might be an issue - how many and what is the project ?

I've found a small servo that can be used instead of the motors, will hopefully be easier to control. Ebay Link With regards to the projects I'm just having them attached in a module with an expansion sphere mechanism I've designed a sphere to expand between 1 and 2 inches. I already have the sphere printed and works well manually I just need to add the small motor and code a SIN algorithm to make it pulse. I need to have a few of these in sequence for the final design (4 or 5).

So with regards to the servo, what boards / accessories do I need to buy to control it?

To control up to 5 of those servos you just need an Arduino, no other major components (well except some code). I'd suggest a Uno or if you're concerned with keeping it small a Nano but almost anything will do.

But you should use a separate battery/power supply for the servos as they are only intended for use with a single 3.7V lipo cell.


Thanks for the info Steve, i’ve Just ordered the UNO and a starter kit. I’m sure i’ll be up and running soon. Again thanks