Will AWS work with any wifi board?

Simple question with no results on google! I need to make a project to visualize some data of an Arduino on amazon quicksight through WIFI. I feel like any WIFI enabled board should be able to do this but I just want to make sure before I pull the trigger on any specific one. I'm assuming the general steps and libraries would all be the same as well. I also have an old mega 2560 lying around that is like to make use of, so any specific WIFI shield recommendations for that would also be nice (need a 3.3V pin)!!

Yes AWS will work with any internet connected board. I would suggest a board with wifi built in such as an esp8266 or esp32. Although my preference is the MKR boards since they have built in hardware encryption that can be used with AWS to allow fully encrypted communication for an extra layer of security with almost zero effort on your part. There is even good tutorial to get you started : Securely Connecting an Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 to AWS IoT Core

yep, I also have a Nano 33 IoT I used for that tutorial! its just I need some extra space so I'm going to use the mega I have and use some sort of shield for it (although idk which one to use). But thanks for confirming, I appreciate it

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