Will hardware serial on the Pro mini work with rs485?


I cant get the hardware serial on pins D0/D1 to work with rs485, using my Uno and max485. I expect it is because of the USB interfaced with these pins. My MEGA works using Serial1,2 and 3 so I don't imagine the problem is due to the uart but more likely the USB device thingy.

My question is, would you expect the hardware serial on the Pro mini (pins D0/D1 - same as Uno) to work with rs485 where the Uno won't? Because the pro mini doesn't have a usb jack attached to it.


Scotty no mates here will answer his own question.

After blowing the dust of the breadboard I can confirm that the Pro-mini hardware serial works with rs485. That it doesn't on the Uno is a real downer because you can't listen on two rs485 lines at the same time; as you can't have two softwareserials active at the same time... as far as I know. Well it wouldn't work for me.