Will i be able to use my uno/mega/Due/Esp on Ubuntu linux?

Hello my work is switching all there software to Ubuntu Linux. I was wondering if i would be able to use all my current boards which is a lot of them from uno, nano, pro mini,mega,Due as well as Esp?

You should.

I am using Linux Mint 17.3

Thank you ieee488 I tried installing in the past using ubuntu 10. something and the arduino ide was really bad. Sense we are moving away from windows systems to ubuntu 16.04 still would like to try to use arduino ide on it.

I have been using Ubuntu for years.

It should be much simpler once you have become familiar with it. For example there is no need to load drivers.


Hello Robin thank you. Yeah i just loaded the IDE and seems to work i can upload my UNO board and Mega with no problem. Got to get use to the change when selecting port it is on. that part is different. But other then that it is the same as windows so far. Unless I’m missing something hehe