Will I need servo.h if I just want Nano to repeat PWM?


In my project, under given conditions, I need the Nano to output to a servo the same PWM that it reads from a RC channel (as if the servo was directly plugged to the RC receiver).

So I think I will not need to include the servo.h library.

Am I wrong?


Am I wrong?

What basis do you have for this thinking? What/how is the PWM going to be generated?

Yes, you will need the servo library.

As @zoomkat said, what made you think it might not be necessary ?


More information would be good.

I thought that reading PWM from the RC channels and writing it back to the output pin was sound, but it isn’t. Now I know that a servo needs a PPM signal instead.

So my assumption was wrong, and the answer is: yes, I’ll need to use the servo library.

rva1945: I thought that reading PWM from the RC channels

The Arduino does not really "read" the signal - it measures the width of the pulses. The Servo library creates pulses witht the appropriate widths.


Hi, What is the application that needs the servo signal to be processed through an arduino.

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