I recently discovered this arduino world and i must say i am very much impressed these microproccesors are amazing

But i am not really Tech Friendly I would like to attach a gprs sheild to a information box that stores 150 characters per transaction but i would like the gprs shield to relay that message to my cellphone or PC its a pretty simple task and i know alot of people in this forum would probadly help me for free but i am willing to pay and even split a percentage in the company i plan on starting from this venture i have 5 customers waiting on this new technology as we speak

The device im attaching the gprs sheild to is a information device that store up to 100 different information texts(150-200 characters) the thing is that this usually fills up pretty quick and i would like the arduino to act as a mini pc so i can mobilely delete the information without having to spend transportation fees to manually do so

i know this probadly isnt worded correctly but if anyone is interested please feel free to post(also im located in nyc so we can meet if you like)

Help us understand your need better.

As best I can tell, you already have a device that attaches to a gprs shield and captures messages from it. However, you must be physically present to read the messages and delete them. There is no Arduino involved. Is that correct? Can you identify the device you are using?

You would rather have a copy of received messages relayed to your phone, either automatically or on command from you. You would also like the ability to delete some or all messages, freeing up space for more. Is that correct?

If you use an arduino, you may not need to retain the message storage device you are already using. The arduino could store, forward, and delete messages as needed via the gprs shield. Maybe you want to keep the device for whatever user interface it has, or maybe use an alternative arduino-controlled interface.

Am I on the right track here?

How does the arduino connect to the "information device" ? What is the protocol?