will pay for the code for my project

first iam new to arduino and made small project to measure the temp via DS18B20 and log the data on exosite

this is the project


now i like to add another DS18B20 and DH11 and to send that data to exosite

and i need help on the code and circuit diagram

can pay 5-10$ via paypal

please PM me if can make that for me

I'm not interested in the gig, but if you look here

it seems as though all you have to do is give each data source a unique resource name. In the case of this example, there are three "temp", "onoff", and "1". In your case, you would have a "temp1" and "temp2" and so on.

One wire is a bus. Each device has a unique ID code. Wire the temperature sensors or other 1-wire devices in parallel. No additional pull-up resistor required.

What you are asking for is more than a $10 effort unless you already have an equivalent system set up and I don't.

Do you mean you need something like this?

You can email me to help you at WAMKIDS@YAHOO.com