Will relay move a small object ?

I want to design a simple automated drawing machine contolled by an Arduino Uno. This would have a pen which could be lifted up and down from the the drawing surface by some mechanism.
Could anyone suggest a suitable mechanism which would do the job. ?

For just an up and down movement, you can use a servo attached to a sliding fixture.

A small Servo motor with simple rigging should do the trick. See here:

A relay is more like a switch, it's not for moving things.

A solenoid will also work.

A solenoid will also work.

That would be an excellent choice if the system required very quick, accurate responses. Just remember that a solenoid will probably require higher currents.

Hi, keep you eye out for a inkjet printer or old flatbed scanner, they have really nice stepper motor controlled sliders.
Belt, frame and stepper, sometimes even an encoder.

Tom...... :slight_smile:

Many thanks everyone who has replied with helpful suggestions. It would seem from what has been said that a servo would be the solution as only a small movement of the pen is all that is required.
Particular thanks to TomGeorge for his suggestion to look out for an old inkjet printer as the movement gear and belt in that would be ideal for moving the drawing table beneath the pen.