Will the ATtiny85 run on 2AA's?

Hi, will the ATiny85 chip run on 2AA's? I noticed it's rated down to 2.7V. I'm using the tone function and I get no freq output at 3.1V, but it works great on 5v. Maybe you have to program it differently, not sure. I'm programming it in the 8Mhz internal oscillator mode. Can someone answer this question for me.


Are you using the raw chip or is it on a breakout board (Adafruit Trinket etc.) with voltage regulator etc.

Thanks. I’m actually programming the ATtiny85 via an Arduino nano, I unplugged the power from the nano and the 5V and ground lines to the tiny to just apply the 2AA ~3.1V power to it and couldn’t get it to work, but when I pulled it out of the programming spot and just added the 2AA power to the tiny, it seemed to work. Thanks for the information on that.

btw, do you know if running the tiny on a 1Mhz clock speed uses less power then 8Mhz. I’m using the tone function to produce some PWM pulses at freq’s of 20-20Khz. The tiny tone function in the tiny core works great at those frequency’s w/ the 8mhz clock, but it’s doesn’t correlate properly when using the 1Mhz clock speed. If I write out a tone at 20Hz, I get a 160Hz tone using the 1Mhz clock speed. I looked at the tone function code and looks like it’s supposed to handle the 1Mhz clock since it has the correct prescalers and all for it. I guess I can use the 8Mhz clock speed, but I just worry about power consumption to the chip since it will be running on the 2AA’s. Could you let me know your thoughts on this?


I found this about power saving by reducing the clock speed (indirectly from the data sheet):

There are also many other tricks for reducing power consumption:

I have also seen that the tone library was/is not (properly) supported on the ATTINY85.

Perfect, thank you. I'll just stick with my tiny running in the 8Mhz mode since the tone frequencies are pretty accurate based on my OScope readings.