Will the IDE support autocomplete?

Will the IDE support autocomplete? I refer that as you type a box pops up similar to this: image
and you can select from that box with what it should complete by using the tab key or the mouse cursor. It would be nice if the declared variables and functions will appear there.

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It does already:


There are two approaches to using this feature:

  • On demand:
    • Uncheck "File > Preferences > [] Editor Quick Suggestions"
    • Use the "Trigger Suggest" keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Space by default, but customizable via File > Advanced > Keyboard Shortcuts) when you want an autocomplete dialog.
  • Automatic:
    • Check "File > Preferences > [x] Editor Quick Suggestions"

Some important things to note:

  • You must have a board selected from the board menu for the autocomplete to work.
  • Not all boards have autocomplete support.
  • The autocomplete capability is still in the early development phase and there are still some problems and deficiencies. The known ones are tracked here.

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