Will these 2 work together???

Hi there,

I'm interested in purchasing these 2:



So I can have access to a wide range of sensors and communicate via Xbee radio.

Now my question is....is it possible to use both shields at the same time? From tech doc I understand that yes, but I'd like to know the forum opinion:


The way I see it, it should be:

Arduino R3, on top the Wireless SD shield and on top of that the Electronic Brick Chasis (I prefer this one instead of the Sensor Shield because it comes with a lot of sensors in the pack...)

Thanks in advance, Alex

.is it possible to use both shields at the same time?

Yes, providing you don't use any of the pins that the Xbee system uses on the relay brick.


When you say "Xbee system" and "relay brick" what do you mean? You talking about the Wireless Shield or the Xbee motes themselves? Forgive my ignorance but I'm a complete newbie in Arduino...

Regards, Alex