will these work together

My project requires lcd to display one of many words. The words are going to be stored in an sd card. This will be my first project so I want to make sure that each of the parts are compatible.

The micro controller is a geekduino that I already have http://www.trossenrobotics.com/robotgeek-geekduino

given that, would this sd reader and lcd screen both be capable of being used together?

sd: http://www.amazon.com/Card-Reader-Module-Socket-Arduino/dp/B008B52QQC/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1457487247&sr=8-3&keywords=sd+arduino


also, assuming these pieces work together, could you provide tips as to the best way to have these wired.


I would buy a SD card that has proper 5 to 3.3v conversion. .

Get products that come with the necessary instructions even if they cost a bit more because of that.


there is a thing called an X/Y problem. this is where you figure what will work and rule out things that you are not sure of or are not familiar with.

then come to us and ask us to make mis-matched parts do things that are very hard to do, when there is a much easier way.

instead of trying to do your own product selection, and present us with an X/Y problem, tell us what you actually want to do. the result, not what parts you want to use, unless your instructor requires it a certain way.

An SD card could hold the a couple entier languages. I have a feeling that your words will not be over 100. and the Arduino can hold 100 words . also most RTC shields have additional memory and there are some SC/TRC/Memory shields that will be plug in and have the voltage level converter.

What I require is that the lcd displays about five words at a time from a bank of around 1000 words. This bank should be able to be changed from time to time but not often. this is why I had thought that the sd card would be required.

Then the micro controller is one that I have access to for free so I would like to use that if it would work. I dont have the sd shield or lcd so im open to other options for those. If the micro controller wont work or there is a by far better option for it I am open to purchasing the better one.



larry, I found this sd reader that has a slider switch to go between 3.3 and 5V. It is stack-able with arduinos. So if I were to buy this shield from what I can tell is that it would stack on top of my geekduino I already have. then would connecting the lcd be as simple as stacking on top of the sd shield?

new found question would there be a way to implement buttons to navigate which words get displayed? This question and most of my previous are based in which ports would control the sd, which would run the lcd and which would control the button. sorry if any of these questions are really stupid.