Will this breadboard arduino work?

Apparently ;) Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing :)

From the left most board going clockwise:

Connect Fourduino Prototype v2 Connect Fourduino Prototype v3 "Failed" (terminal blocks were too close to relay, wouldn't fit) Power Barduino Relay Board v1 "Success" Power Barduino Relay Board v2 Pin header (5 x 2) to breadboard breakout 5x7 LED Matrix to two 5x2 pin header's Center: My first board! 5v Voltage Regulator (has since been cannibalized ;))

For those curious, here is a parts list:

Wow, I'm on a pic streak :)

Here is the 'final' version that I will be etching... Wish me luck! (I beefed up all the traces)