will this code for communicating between an uno and attiny84 work?

Hello! I wanted communication between arduino uno and attiny84 in hardware , but for the time being, i started to write a sketch to bitbang i2c until the hardware version could be ready . till now, for attiny, i did this

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
unotx(B00001000);//ADDRESS OF UNO - 8
unotx(B01001100);// i dont know what this byte  means, i just felt like using it
/*register description -
 * no need to set any pins as outputs. method will do it on its own, it transmits ONE byte, it clears everything and sets pins to input after execution.
 * NOTE!- GPIOR0,1,2,PORTB,DDRB are being used. they will be CLEARED before usage! please tell if this hampers with any functionality of anything.
 * 0x13- GPIOR0- the register to store how many bits were transmitted (counting thingy)
 * 0x14 -GPIOR1- the register in which you have to put  data in (source)
 * ox15- GPIOR2- the register on which all operations are performed and the next state of portb is determined(mediator)
 * 0x18- portb- the register to use temporarily to transmit data to arduino uno's hardware i2c
 * 0x17-ddrb (data direction  register)
void unotx(byte x){
  GPIOR1 = x;
  asm("andi 0x15,0\n"
      "andi 0x13,0\n"
      "andi 0x18,252\n"
      "ori 0x17,3\n"
      "cbi 0x18,1\n"
      "cp 0x13,8\n"
      "breq a\n"
      "mov 0x15,0x14\n"
      "andi 0x15,1\n"
      "mov 0x18,0x15\n"
      "sbi 0x18,1\n"
      "ror 0x15\n"
      "inc 0x13\n"
      "rjmp s\n"
      "andi 0x17,252\n"
      "andi 0x15,0\n"
      "andi 0x18,252\n"
      "andi 0x13,0\n");}

sorry for lack of documentation in asm block, PB0 should function as data, PB1 should function as clock
after that , i thought that i should be able to use this without any reprogramming for arduino uno . so i got a copy of arduinoisp sketch and added the lines necessary for recieving the byte to it.

i added “#include <Wire.h>” before everything;

i added " Wire.begin(8); // join i2c bus with address #8
Wire.onReceive(receiveEvent); // register event" to setup

i added "void receiveEvent(int howMany) {
byte c = Wire.read(); // receive byte
SERIAL.println(c,BIN); // print the character in binary format

i used asm on attiny because i thought it could save me some memory .

after the neccesary connections, will it WORK?
i wanted to ask this before uploading this to attiny and arduino uno to avoid any damage.
i want the scond code to - 1)upload code to attiny,
2)take data from it and put it into serial monitor to it when it asks.
i want the communication to be one- way to make the code lightweight.

ok, i think " 8 )" means an emoji .... sorry for that.