Will This Crystal Work??

I'm designing a PCB based on the TQFP version of the ATMEGA328, (trying to make it Arduino compatible). Can anyone tell me if this crystal (Mouser Part # 815-ABMM2-16-E2T) will work properly for me? I've seen several posts on this topic but none that gave great direction for surface mount parts.

Thanks, Hawks

The crystal should work fine. I'd use 27pF load caps for it.

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Thanks very much RuggedCircuits. Just to satisfy my own curiosity, can you tell me where you picked the 27pF value from?

Thanks again.

The load capacitance of your selected crystal is 18pF. With two 27pF (standard value) load capacitors the effective capacitance is half of that (13.5pF) since they appear in series as far as the crystal sees. Add in a couple of pF for microcontroller pin capacitance and you get close to 18pF.

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Thanks very much, I really appreciate it. (Now I'm learning :-) )