Will this DC motor with the H-Bridge?

Hello there, I am looking to buy what I believe is a brushed motor with these specs:

Link to motor
Operating voltage range [V]: 3,6 -8,4
No-load speed [rpm]: 18200
Nominal voltage [V]: 7,2
Charging rate at max. efficiency [A]: 12

I assume it will run ideally at 12A?
I'm asking because I have the l298n H-Bridge.

To me it looks like the power output is probably too low and I'm not sure what to buy to run off an Arduino. Would an ESC be the right solution?


The max efficiency point is not necessarily the design operating point. The max continuous current isn't
listed, neither is the winding resistance or stall-current.

There's just not enough information. A motor of that size is probably able to handle 5W dissipation,
so if its 80% efficient that would mean 25W input (3.5A), but that's just guesswork. That would imply
2 ohm winding resistance.

Measure the winding resistance?

Thanks for the post Mark.
I actually don't have the motor yet, the reason why I'm set on this one is because it has the physical dimensions I'm looking for plus I could have it shipped fast.

From what I understand, if even your assumptions were correct, the H-bridge is too weak for this?

A Speed 600 is a big heavy old motor and was typically run at around 18-20A for 120-150W in the old days when we ran them in RC models. An L298 H-bridge would be no use at all.

A 25-30A brushed ESC would be o.k. if you can still find one that does what you want. Does it need to run both forward and reverse?


You have to worry when the motor specs say.

Charging rate at max. efficiency [A]: 12

When they mean Current Drain.

Tom... :slight_smile:

And it’s in the “Electric Engines” section ;). OTOH it’s Graupner. They’re German. I put it down to poor translation though looking at the original German site it says Stromaufnahme bei max. Wirkungsgrad" which translates as “Power consumption at maximum efficiency” which isn’t very much better.

They’re decent enough motors though. Rebadged Mabuchis like most other brushed motors out there.