Will this ESC work with this motor?


I am currently in the process of building a quadcopter and I am picking my ESCs. My question is: would this motor work with this ESC? The motors look like they run at 4-10A, but the ESCs are 30A. I just want to know if they would work with them, and what might happen if they don't. Also, would this battery be able to power the ESCs and a ArduPilot 2.6?


The battery can peak at 100A, that is more than enough. Overrating the ESC won't normally hurt, they will run cooler (cheap chinese amps are often not what they claim anyway). A very big ESC on a tiny motor isn't good, the startup current might fry it, but there's a lot of leeway really.

Get a suitable fuse for that battery though, it'll easily be able to take out your wiring if something shorts. When buying cheap ESCs, get a spare, they are known to fail sometimes...