Will this wall adapter power my Arduino without problems?


Before I purchase a 5V wall adapter to power my Arduino Uno, I found this adapter and was wondering if it’d work. I am assuming no, but I just thought I would ask. See attached image for the picture…it says:

Class 2 Power Supply
Input: 120VAC ~ 60Hz 4W (NOM 4W)
Output: 8VAC ~ 250mA (NOM 8AC~)

Thanks for any input!

Possible Adapter.jpg

Output is AC so It won't work and you may damage the board. Arduino Input is capable of 7-12 V DC.

Once I blew an Arduino UNO by powering it with 15V DC wall adapter.

Did that just blow the regulator? Or did fry and then take out downstream components.
Do you youself a favor and get a USB output charge device and power the Arduino thru the USB connector. I rarely power a board with other than a 5V DC supply.
This kind of thing

I use the one for my Samsung Galaxy3 because it happens to be right there.
I also have one from Radio Shack,
and another from XTreme that came with a micro-USB cable that I use with this FTDI Basic
and a car adapter that I plug in my VW when I want to do car tests.
Boards that I design, I’ll put on pads for a 5V regulator, but when I use the board for myself I’ll leave the regulator off, or jumper around it and use a 5V wallwart:

For example, here’s one that I modified to use a vertical power jack (preexisting space reasons) for 5V operation (box has several 5V power cables internally, one which will plug on here). No 5V or 3.3V regulator, no reverse polarity diode, power jumpered over to a pad where it can connect to the pins that select Regulator output or USB power.

I think that if you add a rectifier bridge and one cap (of 1000uF or so) it will work fine: 8*sqrt(2) = 11,31V