Will this work or is there a better way to do it ?

So right now I am designing pcb for my first bigger project and I have some questions. First is are these L9110 chips able to run 4 5V dc motors at once or is there a better alternative? They will be power through power bank same as the arduino. Thanks

Four of them could possibly run 4 motors but unfortunately you’ve missed out the important part of the motor specification, the current needed. If it is within the L9110’s current limit it will be o.k. If it isn’t it won’t.


Sorry, at 5 V it is 100mA. I have heard that there is a voltage drop from the tranzistor at around 1.4V in the L9110 chip. Will it still be able to run the motors ?

Do those motors need to run both directions? Speed control?

There are lots of more modern H-bridges around, based on CMOS technology. Those don't have the total 2V loss (the datasheet that I found indicates losses of 0.45V for the low side and 1.5V for the high side).

This project should be something like a rc car controled by a IR sensor or a joystick so the motors have to run both directions but I don't need a speed control.

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