Will this work with arduino

Can someone please tell me if this will work with an arduino http://uk.farnell.com/jsp/search/productdetail.jsp?CMP=cmwis_email&sku=1936419 Im not sure of the code to use to control the 2-10v.

The issue not with a code, rather a hardware. Arduino is 5V platform, you can't get 7 or 10 w/o additional components. It will works at max 85-90% w/o

It'll work, though you'll probably need some other circuitry to drive the relay itself for the 10 volts.

Controlling a 10V power supply with a MOSFET from the arduino is easy. Then have that 10V supply control the relay.

Also be sure you understand the limitation of this device that the datasheet lists on it's cover sheet:

For use with resistive loads only


Am i right in thinking that a mosfet doubles the voltage put into it, so if i put in 5v from the arduino i will get 10v out from the mosfet.

No madmurg. A Logic Level MOSFET can be used to switch 10V (or more) on/off from a 5V control source tho.

Some examples
The NPN front of the P-channel MOSFET lets the gate go to 12V to turn the part fully off.

I think I understand now, i need a 10v power supply to run through the mosfet which is controlled by the arduino pwm 0-5v, is this correct?