Will VirtualWire work with an Arduino Mini?

I have one of the 3.3v 8MHz Arduino Pro Minis from sparkfun, and I'm trying to make it work with these 315MHz transmitters I have.

Is there any reason VirtualWire won't work with the mini? I think the answer is no (that they should work), but the exact same sketch that works on my plain Duemilanove, won't work with the Mini. The transmitter wants 3.3v, so I don't think power is the problem. I've tried the same transmitter with other Arduino boards and it seems to work just fine.

I just want to make sure I'm not missing something with the mini. Any ideas?

The mystery continues.. Apparently it isn't a damaged Mini - I just tried it with 5 other ones I ordered from Sparkfun..

I'm at a loss. The pins look to be exactly the same and I've seen plenty of projects that claim to use these same 315MHz transmitters and VirtualWire with the 3.3/8MHz mini.

If anyone has any idea at all I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks!

Wow.. Problem solved with the Arduino 19 release. The only thing I changed was to select the new Mini Pro 3.3 board from the boards menu and uploaded the sketch.

Does anyone know what real difference there are between those board selections? I thought the Mini was compatible with the "standard" Arduino. Was there something special I should have been including in my code to make the Arduino work at 8MHz?