Willing to pay for working sketch for large stepper motor with 4 switches

Okay last resort, time to open the wallet :slight_smile: I just can't seem to get my code working. I've given it the time I can, and can't seem to make it work. Help save my marriage :slight_smile: Let me know how much it would take.

I have a stepper motor with 2 momentary switches, and 2 limit switches.

I'm try to accomplish:
Stepper Motor rotate in one direct when a momentary switch is pressed, go indefinitely.
Hit a limit switch and stop (possibly backup enough to disengage the switch if necessary).

That's it. One button and one limit switch for each direction.

The setup is turning a lead screw and traveling about 8 feet (if it matters).

The Hardware:
NEMA 24 Stepper (8-wire, setup for Bipolar Parallel)
Stepperonline Digital Driver - DM556T
Stepperonline S-400-36 AC/DC Power Unit

Arduino UNO V3

You got PM.

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