Willing to pay. NeoPixels, Adafruit, DS3231 RTC

I am working on Word Clock project and need help with Arduino programming side.
I have main code and I need your help to add Daylight Savings Time code, I have this one too.
Also additional code needed for each minute count:
1 min, LED1 ON for 1 min, LED1 and LED2 ON for one more min, LED1,LED2 and LED3 ON for one more min, LED1-LED4 ON for one min, all OFF for min (loop).

If you have any questions, please post here or PM.

Is this a school or university assignment?

I always enjoy doing people's homework for them because I don't have a degree and helping people cheat cheapens the value of having a qualification. It improves the market for me.

Your description is a little confusing. Can you just post a link to the assignment? If you could tell us where you are studying, your lecturer's name, and your student ID, that also would be very helpful. You will get a result in no time!