Willing to pay. save last 20 error in eeprom with time and date

I am a mechanical engineer with 20 years of experience in power generation field that includes large air compressors maintenance and support in mid to large industrial factories. Lately I was introduced to the capabilities of Arduinos in implementing any type of control system. My objective is to cut maintenance costs by adding a control unit for compressors which lacks this functionality and/or fixing current compressor control systems which their support has been officially discontinued for aging reasong.

After some successful attempts in writing a prototype program for the compressor control. I discovered that I need a professional help in some aspects.

one of them is to have a consistent way of handling the following compressor errors:
1- Emergenct stop.
2- Motor overload.
3- Fan overload.
4- Overheating.
5- Pressure sensor malfuntion.
6- Temperature sensor malfunction.

These kind of errors must shutdown the compressor in addition of prohibiting it from startup until the problem is inspected and being fixed. Also, these errors should be stored in the system to be visible for the operator (at least the last 4 errors).

I was wondering if these errors can be stored in eeprom as RTC DS1307. I already have a prototpye design with Arduino UNO and 4 lines LCD screen.

I am also willing to pay for this kind of help on hourly basis.

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You can PM me your code so I can have a look (will be handled confidential).

Where are you located?

Storing the errors to EEPROM is the easy part of this.

The hard part is the detection: what signals does the Arduino get? Does it have to figure out malfunctions by itself? How is it told of a problem having been fixed and allow the device to start up again? For sensors that's easy (continue checking the sensor until you detect it again and get a sensible value off of it), but for an overloaded motor not: upon shut-down it's not overloaded any more.