win 10 AMD processor - problem with driver installation

hi everyone
I can't start using my new arduino UNO R3 because driver installation fails.
I go in device manager, set the driver directory but there's a blocjing problem
in Arduino IDE, tool -> port doesen't select, probably because driver problem
has someone a info for me ?


Maybe read a few of the other posts first as this has been answered lots of times.

Usually involves driver signing and user privileges under win 8 or 10

Are you using a clone board with CH340G or CP2102 serial chip instead of the 16u2. The IDE does not include the drivers for the clones - look what's written on the black chip near the USB connector, if it's CP2102 or CH340G, google for the drivers for your OS. I did not have to do anything special other than downloading the driver installer and running it.