win 7 doesen't detect arduino leonardo

some days ago i bought an arduino leonardo.i must say that i am newbie with arduino,since i never used one before.when i plug arduino in my pc usb,the "on" led and the "L" led turns on,but the windows doesn't detect it...and i can say that the usb cable is good,because i measured it with my multimeter.

i installed arduino 1.0.5,opened it,tools->selected the leonardo board,and there is only one COM,COM1(wich is by default selected)
also in the device manager,there is no arduino...

eny help?

i run windows 7 on 64 bits

Did you use the Windows installer version or the ZIP version?



If you ran the installer version, it should have preinstalled the drivers for you during the installation process.

If you used the ZIP version, you will need to install the drivers manually.

Here are the steps to kick off the driver installer.

Navigate to the arduino\drivers folder:

Double click dpinst-amd64.exe and follow the prompts.

i used the windows installer version,but that didn't installed the driver,
i also ran dpinst-amd64.exe,but it finish with an error,so it isn't installed again... :frowning:

i played with the usb plug,and one time,it shows me that windows detected a new device...
i know that the usb cable is good,same as the usb pc plug,because i measured them like 4 or 5 times with my multimeter...the only thing that i notice is that i get 4.9 volts at usb,but even if i put an external source,it still doesen't gets detected...

When you say you used the multimeter to verify the cable is good, are you just looking at voltage or are you also making sure the two data lines are good.

Some of those USB micro cables only contain the power lines for charging mobile devices. You need to make sure the USB cable you have also has the data lines.

Press the reset button while the Leonardo is attached. After release, does a new device show up in device manager?

i measured the continuity of every wire from the usb cable.also i checked the voltages between every 2 wires while it is plugged into the pc,and i read voltages for every wire,so it is good.

nothing appears after i hit the reset button...

Sounds like you have a dead Leonardo. is new....from the shop,sealed...

Hi, I have the same problem, my Leonardo is not detected, not only on my computer.
But I have already used it with the AVRISP mkII programmer, which worked fine, so I don't think my Leonardo's dead.
Has anyone any solutions yet?