win 7 doesn't show arduino uno in device manager

Hey Guys,

I have an arduino uno which i have used in past. When i connect the servos with it, it still works with the last code that was uploaded in there and even the Green (on) light n the small orange light turns up.

The problem is that i have to upload a new code in there but the device manager doesn’t show arduino in any port nor it shows any ports( they are all greyed out).

I connected my friend’s arduino and suddenly the port turned black and it was reading the arduino.

Since my arduino is not detecting port does it mean its broken? =( it still makes servos n LEDs connected with it work fine. Help !!

I suspect that you have somehow damaged the USB to Serial converter chip - I did a similar thing by using a 5v phone charger to power the Arduino. Not sure why it fried the chip, but it did …

You should be able to bypass the chip by using the ICSP header.

Hey Magicj,

Thanx for the reply. I m sorry, but this is my first time using anything like this so can u send me some kind of link which can guide me through the solution which you are suggesting?

Thanx again. :)

Hello mynk88, Try that tutorial.

did you try to restart your computer in the tech world the most difficult problem is just a simple restart away