Win 7 not seeing Arduino

Hi, I've just got into Arduino; I have a Uno and I've been writing an app to log data using processing on a mac with no problems at all.

Now I want to move to a Windows 7 laptop, and I'm finding it impossible to load the drivers. The system does not see the Uno, though in the IDE tools it finds COM3, and that is ticked. The Arduino has power and is running the program OK.

In the device manager it shows up as "unknown device".

When I try to install the drivers, I get the message "Windows could not find driver software for your device".

I tried running the command: "bcdedit /set nointegritychecks ON" in the hope it was just an unsigned driver issue, but no use.

I'm using newly installed Windows 7 Ultra, Arduino 1.6.1

Any advice/hints gratefully received!


Hi Guys, found the answer!

When do the manual install, the thing is to not browse for the driver, but instread use the 'Choose from a list' option.

I chose the category Ports (COM & LPT) - and Arduino shows up in the right-hand window! Pick the model and off you go...


Well done for fixing and and saying what the solution was.