win10 accessing fixed IP address

Hi all,

my old machine crashed so I bought a new one, has win10.

now my auduino mega ethernet app doesn't seem to work. the app pushes(or pulles) the web page properly on my older work machine, but win 10(firefox or IE) both say they cannot find it.

I left the arduino mega running, plug into old machine webpage comes right up. put ethernet cable into my new machine, cannot access the same fixed IP address.

I suspect some security something is getting in the way, would appreciate some guidance if anyone has run into this.

thanks, tim

Is this a direct connection between the arduino and the pc, or is there a router in between?

no router, direct connection. frustrating, arduino application works fine on my win7 machine.

I misspoke. there is a switch in between PC and arduino. no router

Somebody recently posted about having issues with a switch. You might use the forum search function for "switch router" and see if you can find the post.