Win10 upgrade

Anyone upgrade to Win10 and have issues with the IDE or with Eagle 7.5?
MS is really doing the hardsell, have to be more aggressive about keeping it from happening.
I have Win7 Pro now and am quite content.

The upgrade is survivable, but it appears some things were changed to accommodate touch screen pads and such instead of mouse clicks. Use google to find out how to handle/disable some of the "features".

Thanks zoomkat

I switched all my computers to Win10 first of the year. It was quick and absolutely painless, and everything has worked much better with Win10 than with Win7 and Win8.

Ray L.

I am still win 7/64 and in no great rush to see how many things break (which M$ would claim is not their problem because it isn't their program at fault). With the exception of a few minor quirks, I like Win7 (says the guy that just spent the day creating a couple of virtual Ubuntu servers running under VMWorkstation 10) :slight_smile: