Win10 USB Serial Device error - NOT showing as Arduino Micro

Hey guys,

So, brand new PC, new installation of Windows 10. Installed the latest Arduino drivers, and all good - until a restart.

My Arduino Micro (genuine, not a Chinese knock-off) needs to be on COM3 at 115200 in order to work with my software, however, after a restart (with the Arduino plugged in) it doesn't work. Task Manager lists it as 'Serial Device' on COM5 at 9600bps.

Either unplugging and re-plugging the USB cable rectifies the problem as does pressing the Arduino reset button.

Is there a fix that makes the computer see it as an Arduino on boot (with the correct settings), instead of just a Serial device on the wrong port settings?

Thanks in advance.

Slightly odd behaviour for that particular board.

But COM issues abound here in this section of the forum so some reading on your part might be in order.
Quick issue guide is USB 3.0. Wrong Driver (doubtful but included), a computers security levels and or policies, The sketch you last sent to the board (cannot see from here :wink: ), Bad or flaky USB port, bad or flaky USB cable.

Thanks Bob,

Doubtful of it being the USB port or cable as everything here is brand spanking new.

It’s in a USB 2.0 port. It’s definitely the correct drivers too.

I’ll have a look around on the forum, the security levels and policies seems to be an interesting subject to check out…

Thanks again.