Win11 Drivers troubleshooting

Does anyone have problems with arduino UNO & NANO with the new windows 11 update? COM ports can communicate to the boards even there is no problem on them

I have a very similar problem. I have an Uno, a Nano and a Nano Every and none of them will work correctly over the Serial.x commands in my Windows 11 PC. But it's not a total failure. Some of the Serial.print(), Serial.available() and Serial.parseInt() seem to work, but when there are several serial commands ,the unit will skip some of the commands, by not responding to Serial.parseInt in particular. All the units will work correctly with 2 computers that I have access to that are running Windows 10. So, for the moment, I have given up on the Windows 11 computer. I have tried new driver installation, but no luck. Hopefully someone will come up with a solution.

Hi @ronfthomas. Are you using the same version of the Arduino IDE on both computers?
I ask because the Arduino IDE 2.x Serial Monitor currently has some serious problems, but the Arduino IDE 1.8.x Serial Monitor is very reliable so far as I know.

I have the same Arduino IDE 1.8x on 3 computers, 2 HP laptops (1 brand new with Win 11) and an old HP desktop (Win 10). I have other sketches that do not require significant serial print, available, and parseInt commands which seem to work with the Uno and Nano Every, but not with the older Nano. All 3 Arduinos require different USB cables, but the same cable is used between the computers. I'm pretty sure it's not a cable problem, or cable insertion problem.

I have a problem with Arduino Mega 2560 on brand new Acer laptop win 11. The USB port is nog recognized. Cable is testen. Arduino is still working and recognized on other pc's with win10.

Strangely, nu Uno, nano and Robodyn Mega 2560+wifi do work on the win 11 pc.

Very strange

@reiniergielen , you have a topic running here: Arduino mega 2560 USB port problem.

Please keep your issue in one place so people don't waste their time.

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