Win7 communication via USB?

Situation: microsoft erased Hyperterminal from Win7 and didn't TELL me. I am unable (employer says so and IT has the machine 'locked up' against installs) to install the Arduino development environment onto a particular machine to use the serial monitor. I have an Uno programmed to read analog voltages, perform some calculations, and squirt the results out via a Serial.println at 9600 baud.

Question: what options exist for me to read the USB port I'm plugged-into and save the readings to a text file? Is there a self-contained app that will save the usb/serial to a file without installing anything else anywhere?

Download putty.

I think Gobetwino will work. Unfortunately MikMo's website is currently broken.

hi, I have use putty for many occations like this, it is a very simple to use application and yoiu can eaven get it to save off the received data to a file for analysis later. See for the documentation.

Thanks all! I’ll download PuTTY and see if that company machine doesn’t notice it’s running.
Hopefully there’s no special magic involved to get PuTTY reading the serial data via the USB?

I’m normally Mac-only and this is an occasion to spawn something to a Win7 machine so the individual can do her OWN data capture.