WinAVR, AVRStudio or AVR-GCC

Hi, From this thread it looks as if AVRStudio is the current environment for ATMega development, is this correct or is there an alternative I should look at ?


Duane B

If your choices are WinAVR, AVRStudio or AVR-GCC from the command line/make, I guess I would chose AVR Studio. You have other options, like Eclipse.

skyjumper: If your choices are WinAVR, AVRStudio or AVR-GCC from the command line/make.

Those aren't really 3 separate choices, as they are three separate 'toolsets' that should be used together to provide a comprehensive development toolchain for your AVRs.

WinAVR is a toolset package for the AVR micros (Does not provide an IDE*). AVRStudio is Atmels IDE for their AVR micros (Does not provide a library or compiler**). AVR-GCC is a free C/C++ library & compiler for AVR micros(Does not provide an IDE).

** avr-gcc is included in the WinAVR package, though they're both technically separate projects. WinAVR is a toolset package for the Windows platform, though most of the tools it provides are developed separately.

*** I believe AVRStudio does provide an Assembly Language compiler, but no built in support for higher level languages.

AVRStudio in itself does not provide a C/C++ library or compiler. Most people use WinAVR and avr-gcc in conjunction with AVRStudio.

The Arduino IDE also uses WinAVR and avr-gcc under the covers as well.

To my knowledge, WinAVR and avr-gcc are the only freely available C/C++ library/compiler. There are several commercial products out there you can purchase for AVR development, but they aren't cheap, and not really worth the cost for hobbyists.

Hi, Thanks, I have just been looking at AVR Studio 5.1 and notice that it says 'no longer need to download a separate tool chain'. I am downloading it now to have a look.

Duane B