How can I set up WinAVR just like the arduino IDE. I would like to program in the arduino language but upload it via WinAVR (and also use a 8mhz clock). Im sure its as simple as including the right files and editing the makefile. any help would be great, thanks, nik

I can’t check right now, but I think that the files you need for burning are to be found in the ‘My Document\Arduino’ folder on your computer. I hope this helps…

If you want write your code in WinAVR using the Arduino language, you just need to link against the Arduino core, which is the lib/targets/arduino sub-folder of the Arduino application directory. There’s a Makefile ( that might help you set up your own for us in WinAVR.

If you want to write code in the Arduino environment but upload it using WinAVR, you can use the .hex file generated by the Arduino environment. Just hit the upload button in the Arduino environment (which will fail if you don’t have a board attached). Then, go to My Documents\Arduino<name of sketch>\applet and look for the .hex file.