wind charge controller/regulator

looking to make a wind powered Arduino for some data logging projects, and was wondering if someone could help me with a 12v charge controller/regulator?

Im looking for something as simple as possible, with just a couple of indicator LEDs for charging and full.

Anyone happen to have a cheeky schematic or Eagle CAD file tucked away? :)

It depends on what sort of battery you are using.

OK I will salvage a 12v rechargeable battery this weekend and get back to you. :)

It depends on what sort of battery you are using.

OK got a 12v Car battery, what info do you need sir?


@noob : Did you ever find any info on arduino-based charge controlling ? Would love to get some tips...

I'm not saying that your enquiry is unwelcome here, but I wonder if you wouldn't do better with a Google search on battery backup? There must be plenty of pages out on the wider internet about battery backup for burglar alarms, etc, etc.

I assume that all you really want is 12 volts? The source of the 12 volts doesn't need to know what you are going to do with the power?