Wind flow sensor - Pro micro Board


I am working on a project and we want to build a wind tunnel. I have problems measuring the wind speed with my Sensor.

This is my Board ( Pro Micro (Leonardo)

This is my LCD:

This is my Sensor:

Could somebody help me? This is very new to me.

Thank you!!!

Servosteuerung_mit_Taster - Max.ino (2.03 KB)

That sensor requires a heater controller and additional instrument amplifier. (whetstone bridge)

Is this easier with a couple of BMP180 (or BMP280) and a piece of piping? Read pressure difference.
(aeroplanes uses pitot-tubes)

You should study the data sheet for the sensor.

Note that the manufacturer needs to tell you what resistor values should be used, depending on your application.

Even after connecting it (a Wheatstone bridge amplifier may not be necessary) and powering everything correctly, you will need to determine a calibration curve for the sensor by comparing the sensor output against known wind velocities. This is not a simple task.