wind power/current measurement using arduino

hello Arduino users, i have a project to do and i wanted your advice about it.

i am still deciding on to measure power or current so if u can tell me which one is more reasonable.

my project is about measure rpm of rotor blades or shaft of wind turbine using tachometer and current or power generated from turbine trough clamp meter, then the values of the power or current and rpm will be transmitted wirelessley using xbee to a PC. the PC will generate a graph about the current or power and rpm. then it will compare it with the calculated values.

this is my initial idea about this project. if you have any additional suggestions, please feel free to mention it.

if you have any resources about which equipment i am going to use or any thing that will help me with this project

I'm sure there will be people here that will answer but also this forum

Is pretty good for this sort of thing.

power essentially == current x voltage so if you measure A and V you can calculate W back at base.