Wind Sensor

Hi everyone.
I'm using the wind sensor from Modern Device. I'm failing in receiving an analog reading from it (I'm using the code of the analog example in the Arduino library). Although it's recording and sending series of data, it does not show the variation of voltage that should happen when I blow on it. Did anyone else experienced the same problem? Am I making some sort of 'beginner's mistake'? ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs

That website is spammy are sidestepped my popup blocker, not friendly.

What voltage do you measure with a DMM?

Have you connected the GND of the windmill and the Arduino?

His picture shows he has the connections correct, however he's using jumper wires through the pin header holes on the wind sensor which is kinda unreliable and might give a bad connection.

Aside from that, the sensor has a small pot that might need to be adjusted for sensitivity. The docs on the Modern Device describe this.