Window size doesn't stick

On my Mac, every time I start the Arduino IDE, it loads up the last sketch I had and the window size is the same as what I made it the last time I used it. On my Windows 7 machine, it does neither of those things. It always loads a new sketch at the default size. I checked the preferences file and even when I change the size there, it still changes it back when I open it up again. What's the deal? I'd like a bigger window than the default...

Edit: In fact, now that I look at it, the .pde association preference also won't stay checked.

Maybe its just cause it's a pc? not a mac? ;D

thebigcheese, how do you exit the IDE?

I've found out, if I close the windows one by one, the IDE exits after the last window is closed, i.e. there's no windows left to restore at exit.

If I use Ctrl-Q (or File -> Quit), the window is restored.

That's interesting. I'll have to give that a shot. That's how I exit on my Mac, so it makes some sense. Doesn't quite explain the preferences not being saved, but that one's not that essential.

I'm not very familiar with Arduino yet myself. Though I happen to have looked at the code related to saving the .pde association. I have seen some code that unchecks the checkbox if it's not able to save the association.

In the Arduino code it tries to associate .pde files with "processing.exe". I'm not sure why this isn't "arduino.exe". But if it doesn't succeed in any of the steps, the checkbox in unchecked.

You could try to solve it, but I'm afraid it might get quite technical.

Well, the Arduino IDE is based on Processing, so maybe they just forgot to switch out that line of code.

The ctrl+Q thing seems to do the trick. Kind of annoying that it won't just remember the size, but oh well.