Window Size reverts back to tiny

My Hardware: Macbook Air, Yosemite; Arduino 1.6.2

For the last while, my IDE seems to revert back to this, as pictured. I tried changing things in the preferences.txt file (while Arduino was closed). I tried just deleting that file. I even just upgraded to the latest 1.6.2
For a while, it will open sketches in the same size as when I last closed them, but then after a few times they open up tiny again. I don’t know why.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 9.11.06 PM.png

It must be some setting on my mac? I don't see what else would be it do this. Has anyone else noticed this?

I thought maybe the screen shot was the preferences files to look at. I had the same issue with 1.5.8 and a previous version, but I had seen this issue for a few months now. I am pretty sure it is not a mac issue unless your choosing some unusable size. When I had it not changing or staying one time was editing the wrong file, another time I was not seeing the edit saves staying in the real working file n the library. After duplicating the file moving both from the library editing one and saving it and a copy of it (for quick change), then returning the modified back to library it so far still holding on 1.5.8. I have not jumped at 1.6.2 yet, just running a bit slow on trying the new.