Windows 10 64 bits does not recognize Leonardo

When I connect original Arduino Leonardo to my HP laptop, Windows 10 does not recognize it:

  • Laptop: HP witch Windows 10 64bits
  • IDE: 1.6.12

Someone can help me?

Thank you very much!!

What do you see in device manager? Did you install via normal installer, or the zip install? The zip (since there's no installer) doesn't automatically install the drivers. They're located in the drivers folder inside Arduino folder.

Hy DrAzzy, thanks for your help!!

I´ve done several attemps:

  • I was working with Arduino UNO and IDE 1.0.6 and Windows 10 64 bits without problems. When I tried to emulate a keyboard I connected Arduino Leonardo and the message was always the same: Windows 10 does not recognize the USB device and the Device Manager detects Arduino as an USB Serial Converter:
    FTDI device on Port_#0001.Hub_#0002
    This device can not load
  • I uninstalled IDE 1.0.6 and installed 1.6.12 in 2 different ways: The first one with .exe file and the second one via .ZIP and loading the drives manually from /drivers/FTDI USB drivers ftdibus.inf and ftdiport.inf. The problem was the same
  • I uninstall IDE 1.6.12 reinit Windows 10 with advanced options active in order to permit load drivers without manufacture signatures. Then I reloaded IDE 1.6.12 with .exe file again and the problem continues with the same message

Finally the problema is solved!!

The problema has been the physical cable that connects Leonardo with the laptop. Incredible!!

With the bad cable Windows 10 Device Manager see Leonardo in a USB port, and with the good one Windows 10 see Leonardo connected to a COM port and every thing runs ok. fantastic!!

Thanks DrAzzy for your help!!