Windows 10 and arduino IDE do not recognize Romeo V2.2

Hello, I have been trying to install my new card for days but I can’t.
I bought this card on Ali Express, Romeo V2.2 (Arduino Compatible)

I connected to my windows 10 it is lit a red light (ON) went to the device manager and found that I had not found the drive ATM32U4DFU (universal serial bus devices), searched the drive and installed.


That done, I thought my arduino IDE (I tested several versions) would recognize the card, unfortunately not!

As you can see in the image, in the IDE the port option is deleted, it is as if the card was not connected.

I’ve also tried Arduino Leonardo driver installation several times (I read that this card is based on leonardo) but it also doesn’t work.

I do not know what else to do, it was more than 40 days (does not exist in Brazil) waiting for this device and I can not use, please ask the help of experienced to get me out of this question.
In this same CPU I normally use my UNO cards
Thanks hugs