Windows 10, arduino mega, serial issues..

I have a chipkit 32max and a touch TFT and a serial connection...
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A) At work I use Windows 7, Lazarus ( Synaser ) and have no issues what so ever!!

B) At home I have the lesser Ardunio mega, slightly smaller TFT and Windows 10..

When I use the serial monitor I can talk to the Mega no problem... When I use Putty I can use talk to the mega no problem
When I use Lazarus... Nada!! It works fine at work and I can see the data arrive on the Mega (leds) but it locks up the mega..
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Normally when connecting to a serial port the Arduino, chipkit reboot and start afresh, but this isn't happening... I am rather hoping someone knows windows and can point me to a setting that Lazarus isn't setting... Funny how it works fine on Windows 7..
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I haven't seen anyone here using that board before. Have you sought help on the Digilent forum?