Windows 10 computer won't recognize arduino...

Hello Everyone,

I'm a senior at Penn state working on a capstone project so the sooner the help comes in the better :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: But essentially our group has tried to get the arduino to connect so we can even begin the simple programming.

We have tried different ports on the computer, different cables, different arduinos uno and mega, and different computer from OS to windows 10 to windows 8. Nothing seems to be working. It's very frustrating and we have nowhere else to turn.


Thanks in advance

Does the computer go boop-boop when you plug the Arduino in?
Did you install the correct driver for the USB/Serial adapter chip on your Arduino's?

No there’s no sign of recognition at all. Aka computer doesn’t go boop boop and theres not “other devices” popping up in device manager. And it’s my understanding that the drivers would be installed once the arduino is connected to the computer? are there separate usb drivers that need to be installed?

Yes, there are seperate drivers. You can find Arduino drivers in the Arduino/drivers folder for the FT232 (Nano and the older Duemilanove) and the Atmega16U2 chip on 'newer' boards (2010 and on).

You won't find drivers if you have Chinese made clones, you will need to find CH340 driver.

Buzz out the cable with a meter, make sure all 4 pins are making contact. Power only cables will only have 2 of 4 contacts in place.

Actually I fixed the problem. Apparently when using the Yun Shield to connect to wifi which we have you're supposed to remove the blue plastic cap that you're supposed to put on for the shield. But much thanks for taking the time out of your day to help me out. Thank you sir.

Hmmm like food...remove packaging before placing in microwave.