Windows 10 Driver Install failure


Wondered if anyone else has encountered the issue I am getting, using V1.8.10, software installs fine but board is showing as an unknown device, when I point Windows to the drivers folder comes back with an error saying it has found the driver and board but encountered an error installing the driver! (See attached screenshot).

The board and software work fine on a Win 7 PC so all is not lost… :slight_smile:

Any suggestions to solve gratefully accepted.


Uno Driver Error.PNG

Windows 10 by default changes the driver installation security and Antivirus can also add to the problem.

This can often be bypassed in a few different ways.

  1. Install as ADMINISTRATOR (full admin)
  2. Change the driver enforcement level to a lower one in windows.
  3. Add the Arduino locations to your AV white list / exclusions.
  4. Turn off your AV for the install do step (1) then step (3)

THIS POST may also be useful for you using the forum in future too.