windows 10 driver

I upgraded my computer to windows 10 and all of a sudden the computer does not recognize the ARDUINO boards ( error code 10). I assume it is a driver issue.
I sorted out the net for few days but could not find an answer. I downloaded CP210x_VCP_Windows as suggested but no help.
can anyone explain how to find an ARDUINO driver for windows 10

thank you


Arduino boards do not use CP210x chips. Clone/derivative boards do.
What USB chip is on your board?

Driver here:

Didn't list it's win 10 compatible.

hello and thank you for the information
i am using a clone. it worked flawlessly with windows 7, just plug it in and the port was identified by the computer.
with windows 10 it does not. i tried the link from silicon lab previously and it did not work.
i assume that there is a driver package for windows 10 and i wonder where.
i see that a lot of people are around the same problem. if anyone had worked it out please send a link to the driver

thank you

So when I plug in my Due or Zero Pro, nothing happens. However, I'm still able to work with my Unos. I run Windows 10 on MS Surface Pro. Is this a Windows 10 issue?