Windows 10 driver

I have a Generic uno and have trouble with Windows 10 driver

I downloaded latest driver CH380 but it didn’t work( see attachment 1 for details) Arduino: 1.8.4

I then tried same on win 7. same result. I then found ref for an old driver, which I had used before CH340 and downloaded that. it seems to work but get this (see attachment2 )

The 3rd attachment is the get board info.

I still can’t get the Uno to work with win10.
I hope I have provided enough info.
thank you


oct2017arduinoforumprobmess1.txt (1.64 KB)

oct2017arduinoforumprobmess2.txt (3.55 KB)

unkownbd.txt (75 Bytes)

The "unknown board" issue can be ignored for a clone thats normal.

Your other issue could be to do with the type of USB port you may be using.
Try to avoid USB 3.0 ports whenever possible.
If you have no other choice then inserting a reasonable quality self powered USB 2.0 hub between the port and the board will in most cases fix that issue.

A picture of the chip near the USB port may also be quite useful too.

Hi thanks

My win10 pc has all USB 3.0 ports I will have to get a usb 2 for in between.

I attach photo of chip by UNO usb port CH340G