Windows 10 drivers

Hello everyone
I am currently thinking of formating my PC Into Windows 10. However I received a negative feedback from my college professor about compatibility issues regarding Windows 10 and Arduino drivers. I am using both official Arduino and dirt cheap eBay clones with quite success so far. The difference between those are mainly the communication chip regarding the serial bus.
Any feedback on this? Is someone out there that runs clone versions on Windows 10?

I've been using both official and cheap clones/derivatives on Windows 10 for years with no problems with drivers whatsoever.

Did your professor provide you with any specifics of what these compatibility issues might be? Did they mention which operating system they think has better compatibility?


Same as Pert in that I have zero issues with windows 10.

Maybe your professor is using a college supplied computer which may have extra restrictions placed on it by the college IT staff ?

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