Windows 10 reporting USB Drivers failure after IDE 2 beta 4 is installed

Hi there

Just had an issue trying to get my windows to detect any of my Arduinos after installing the IDE 2 beta 4 version for testing.

It may be that USB drivers are not fully implemented in this beta version or they become corrupted at some stage of the installation if a different version is already installed.

I am not sure if this is an IDE problem or just my configuration but I thought of mentioning this in case someone else is experiencing the same. The only way to solve for me was to restore the pc to a state before the installation and then uninstall/reinstall the Arduino IDE to the 1.8.13 version.

Hi @gt_au. Unlike the classic Arduino IDE, Arduino IDE 2.x doesn't currently come with any USB drivers at all. The approach of the IDE coming with drivers is an artifact of a simpler time when there were only a few Arduino boards. Now that there are a huge number of boards, the approach is for boards support to be installed via Boards Manager. It is the boards platforms installed via Boards Manager that provide the drivers. The boards platform and Boards Manager systems are the same whether you install them via the classic Arduino IDE or Arduino IDE 2.x.

So I don't have any ideas of what could have caused this, but it's surely not drivers.

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